Un Secondment Agreement

UNESCO offers Seconds the opportunity to gain experience in a dynamic international environment. And for UNESCO`s partners, the secondment programme offers the opportunity to present expertise relevant to UNESCO`s mandate. Agreement between agencies for the transfer, secondment or loan of staff between organizations of the United Nations Common System or salaries and allowances The Programme paves the way for a strong network that facilitates cooperation between UNESCO and its partners, even when individual secondments have ended. The Inter-Organization Agreement has been replaced by the Inter-Organization Mobility Agreement, which will be available on this page in the near future. Loans and secondments are limited in time and do not replace the recruitment of staff. At the same time, loaned staff must meet UNESCO`s high recruitment standards in terms of qualifications and experience. UNESCO takes the final decision on the selection of loaned/seconded staff and, in this context, geographical and gender balance are taken into account. UNESCO invites its partners to address Mr von Michael Martin (tel. 33 (0)1 45 68 23 05; E-mail: vm.martin (at)unesco.org) if they may be interested in providing loan or seconded experts. Secondments and loans are a way for UNESCO to mobilize expertise, skills and know-how to strengthen its activities. Experts loaned or seconded by their partners to UNESCO are Member States, non-governmental organizations, universities or the private sector, and they are used for a specified period of time in response to a specific need of the organization.

If you would like a copy or other information on the new agreement, please contact the CEB secretariat in Geneva.. . .

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