Data Process Agreement

Although the GDPR has been around for some time, very few software development providers have a DPA model. Those that don`t have it are not technically GDPR compliant. The lack of a DPA model also significantly slows down the cooperation process, as it forces the client to worry more about legal issues than about software development itself. That duration of the contract should include the staff of the processor as well as all temporary agency workers and third-party workers who have access to the personal data. The processor should only process the data in the manner required by the controller. (e) immediately and correctly process all requests from the data exporter relating to the processing of the personal data transmitted and follow the advice of the supervisory authority with regard to the processing of the data transmitted; 1.1.3 « subcontractor » means a subcontractor; 2. Upon request, we will provide you (on a confidential basis) with a summary copy of the penetration test report(s) so that you can verify our compliance with this DPA. In addition, following your written request, we will provide written (confidential) responses to all appropriate requests for information from you to confirm our compliance with this DPA, provided that you do not exercise this right more than once per calendar year. .

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