Chegg Rental Agreement

Sale and Leaseback: Sale and Leaseback is part of a funder. In this agreement, an asset is sold by one company to another party, who then re-leases the asset to the company. The entity normally sells this asset at its current market value. In this way, the entity obtains the sale price in cash and the economic exploitation of the asset sold by leasing it. A contract of sale and lease is considered advantageous for both the lessor and the lessee. The lessor benefits from tax advantages on the basis of depreciation, while the lessee can justify an immediate inflow of funds that can contribute to the improvement of his cash position. In the case of sale and lease, the assets are not actually exchanged, but only mentioned in the records. It is nothing more than a recorded transaction. Other policies: If your billing address is requested, you must provide the address and phone number registered by your financial institution, as well as the card`s security code (for example.

B CVC, CVV, CID). Chegg will make reasonable efforts to process your transactions on time, but we make no guarantee as to how long the fees will be processed. Chegg may register your payment method, and you acknowledge here and agree that Chegg may charge you and pay all fees indicated in the Services and for any automatic extensions or books not returned, lost, stolen or damaged related to your account, in accordance with the terms of your book rental and in accordance with the General Rules. For all books or other materials kept beyond the current rental period, you agree that you will be charged the current late fees in accordance with our General Guidelines. For books or other rental materials that are never returned (an item is considered « never returned » if it has not been returned within the period indicated in our General Policies) or that are returned damaged, agree that the value of the items will be charged in accordance with our General Policies. Chegg reserves the right to take you on pickups if you do not pay on time for the products and services ordered through the Services; Collection may be made by Chegg or a third party on chegg`s behalf. You also agree that we may, at our discretion, send your account to a collection office and claim our reasonable collection costs from you if you do not pay Chegg all fees due and due. For security reasons or to confirm a financial instrument or payment, Chegg may delay the shipment of books or otherwise delay the provision of payments or services, even if such delay interferes with a guaranteed delivery date. Rental contracts are legal and mandatory contracts that indicate the terms of rental contracts in real estate and personal ownership. The lease agreement sets out the obligations that must be fulfilled by each party and sets out the conditions of the enforceable contract. For example, a personal real estate rental agreement states the address of the property, the responsibilities of the landlord, the responsibilities of the tenants, the amount of rent, the required deposit, the due dates of the rent, the consequences in case of breach of contract, the duration of the rental agreement and other essential information. s is the asset.

These assets are used for the long term….

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