Abk Agreement

« customer, » the person or entity that holds accounts with ABK or starts opening a bank account with the bank and signs the account opening form and/or the application form and the online banking system access and use agreement. The customer must read carefully, understand, accept and comply with the following terms and conditions, while the customer`s signature on the application form, this contract and the complete registration processes of all transactions and/or instructions given by the use of these services are considered irrevocable direct instructions that have been given to Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – Egypt by the client who directly manages the accounts held with al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – Egypt. Article 11. Price and payment 1. The seller`s prices are with reservation. VAT, other taxes and transport are not included. In addition, price increases on behalf of third parties are excluded. 2. The customer is required to pay the purchase price within 30 days of the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The client is not entitled to deduct an amount in case of counter-measures. 3. Primary, any payment by the customer is to pay interest and optional pickup fees, and then pay the oldest bills. 4.

If the customer has not paid the debts on time and does not pay within one week of a notification, the seller is entitled to treat the sales contract as terminated without legal intervention. In this case, the customer is liable for damages suffered by the seller, including lost earnings, transportation costs and collection costs. 5. In the event that the client does not meet the debts to the seller for any reason and for whatever reason, the legal and non-legal costs are borne by the client. Court costs also include all legal aid and legal fees in excess of the invoice. Non-legal collection costs amount to at least 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of €115, plus the interest mentioned above. Article 2. Offers 1. All offers are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise stated in the offer. 2. Budgets, plans and/or other documents that are attached to our offers remain our intellectual property at all times and must be returned to the seller at first request, the freight paid. These documents cannot be reproduced or disclosed to third parties without the seller`s written consent.

3. The agreement is effective as soon as the Seller accepts the offer, unless changes or reservations have been made. In this case, the contract is only valid if the seller`s written agreement on the discrepancies has been sent to the customer. Article 1: The client`s signature on the attached application form and this Agreement obliges and recognizes: Article Twenty One/AGREEMENT COUNTERPARTS – LANGUAGE:This application form and agreement are written from an original copy in Arabic and English, the parties agree that the Arabic text is a priority if there are differences with respect to (s) and/or explanatory notes), ABK retains the original copy of the agreement.

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